Established in 1980, FCE Gomma Srl is UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2008 for the design, molding and extrusion of technical items in rubber.
FCE Gomma Srl transforms all types of special rubber such as FPM, HNBR, ACM, AEM, ECO, AU, EPDM, VMQ, FVMQ, NBR, CR, NR, SBR, IR. The company also specializes in rubber with metal and thermoplastic materials inserts. Starting with the design phase of the product the Research & Development department of FCE Gomma Srl contributes to the study and selection of the most appropriate type of compound in relation to the specific customer.

FCE Gomma - Headquarter
FCE Gomma - Headquarter

Thanks to the compound department, FCE Gomma Srl has been able over the years to develop its formulas with the collaboration of the most qualified international suppliers of raw materials. The study of the material is followed by the careful design of the mold in order to identify the most appropriate technological cycle.
The company has many years of experience in systems of compression molding, injection molding, transfer and cold runner systems. The company's machine park continuously evolves, and now has 25 injection molding machines and 10 compression presses, able to print small items until fractions of a gram and big weight and items until 1500 mm in dimensions. The machine park is completed by an extrusion line dedicated to the silicone and two lines for organic materials such as EPDM, NBR and CR as co-extruded for different colors, different hardness or solid rubber and sponge rubber combinations.

FCE Gomma Srl produces high precision rubber with guaranteed quality and traceability of the entire production cycle. The 100% control of the items as a result of the finishing process allows to operate also in areas with Zero Defects formula request.
One of the main areas for which FCE Gomma Srl supplies items is the Automotive, followed by the Electric / electronic, power tools, food & beverage, windows and doors, industrial machinery, hydraulic and gas, lighting.


The quality and reliability of FCE Gomma Srl, also favored by the excellent geographical location in just 20 kilometers from the Swiss border, has allowed the company to develop more than 50% of its business abroad, mainly in German speaking countries.




FCE Gomma Srl is an established and affirmed company in the world of rubber; the years of experience of the staff allows to offer customers a complete consulting service for all aspects of design and production



The company is strong and growing, FCE Gomma Srl has always focused on customer satisfaction; maximum flexibility and propensity for problem solving have enabled the company to establish business relationships with customers for many decades.



The world of technical items and specifically areas where FCE Gomma Srl operates, requires ever higher quality levels; be in line with these requirements is now a requirement, not an added value.



Continuous innovation of equipment and laboratory instruments allows FCE Gomma Srl to produce and to measure items with increasingly restrictive tolerances, making accuracy a major strong point of the company