Since its establishment, FCE Gomma Srl has been distinguished by the attention engaged in the management and minimization of its environmental impact. The certification system UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 means a natural evolution of this sensibility.

FCE Gomma - Sostenibilita'

FCE Gomma Srl monitors, verifies and constantly corrects the energy consumption indicators, waste and emissions into the environment with the aim of achieving a continuous improvement.

Real example of this commitment was the installation in 2011 of a photovoltaic system with a power of 132 kW that allows FCE Gomma Srl to decrease annually over than 90 tons of Co.

All machines are equipped with inverter or variable displacement pump.
In 2013 followed the renewal of the plant smoke removal system thanks to the installation of a coalescence fume reduction system.

Last, but only chronologically, the replacement of the lighting plant with LED technology lighting fixtures, with significant savings in annual power consumption of more than 150 kWh.

Risk Assessment

FCE Gomma Srl has passed an audit by the company FM Insurance Company Ltd on the assessment of the level of risk exposure to the damage associated with the interruption of supplies to customers; the facilities have been subjected to investigation on the fire, storm and machinery breakdown risks without founding non-compliances.